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Electrical systems can be a nightmare for even experienced mechanics.  Winding Road Classics emphasizes driving enjoyment of your vehicle, and no one enjoys flickering lights, bad switches, or blown fuses.  We install new wiring harnesses on your restoration project and can also tackle the inconsistencies of an older wiring system. 

We can install a partial or completely new wiring harness as a stand alone job in your vehicle.

We can diagnose and track down problems with power windows, power locks, or power seats. 

We also offer jobs like:

  • Converting 6 volt systems to 12 volt
  • Installing remote start or keyless entry systems
  • Updating headlights
  • Adding turn signals
  • Adding courtesy lights inside
  • Updating gauges or restoring your gauges
Electrical work is $75/hour.  All hours billed are actually working on your vehicle.
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