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Winding Road Classics knows that the outside of our classics is what most people notice first.  Certainly, when we are moving down the road enjoying our cars, the body and trim is what draws attention.  There are many different styles of cars being built, from totally original restorations to highly customized show cars.  We enjoy cars somewhere in the middle of this range. 

Winding Road Classics will do whatever makes the customer happy, and we hope that our customers come to us to get a nice riding and driving car that they can enjoy on weekends, vacations, or perhaps as a daily driver.  To that end, we can do most classic custom touches, and some modern ones.

Weatherstripping is often aged and worn out when you acquire a classic vehicle.  These rubber parts are usually available and Winding Road Classics can replace them all including rubber windshield seals.  If you have a later style "glued in" windshield, we know a couple of good shops that will come to our location to replace a windshield. 

  • Repair damage to metal
  • Repair rust damage to floors, fenders, etc.
  • Fill trim holes and door handles for a "smoothie" look
  • Repair trim for reinstallation
  • Install taillights from a different car
  • Repair bumpers or install different ones from another car
  • Prep bumpers for chroming
  • Rounded door or hood corners
  • Door, panel, hood and trunk alignment
  • Replace weatherstripping and door window seals
  • General prep for painting
We are not equipped to offer painting services at this time.  Due to EPA regulations and space, it is more feasible to prepare the car for paint and then transport it to a qualified paint shop.  We can assist in locating a reputable painter for your classic car project. 

Body and trim work is $75/hour.  All hours billed are actually working on your vehicle.
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