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Suspension, Steering, and Brakes

This the front suspension which consists of a transverse multi-leaf spring which acts as the lower arm of an independent front suspension.  Strictly speaking it is not fully independent, but it is more so than a simple beam axle.  The upper A-arm has adjustments for alignment and the shock mount is built into the spindle.  It is pretty simple.  Interestingly, the spring mounts at two points on the unibody, not at the center. 

Just as solid and simple is the engineering for the steering.  A firewall mounted steering box drives the pitman arm which is in turn connected to an equal length idler arm mounted on the right side of the firewall.  Both steering arms are equal length and have their own adjustments for precise toe-in adjustments.  All of this will be carefully disassembled, cleaned, painted and reassembled with original parts.  New gaskets and seals will be used.  

The rear suspension is fully independent.  Comprised of a single large trailing arm triangle and supported on the coil spring with shock mounted inside, the drive axle connects the transaxle and hub for an elegant method to transfer power to the wheels.

This shot shows the worst crack in the steering wheel.  There are numerous ways to fix these, but I'll be using a method detailed in many places, namely cleaning the crack well and filling with an epoxy solution, then careful filing and sanding to restore the correct profile and then clean, prime, paint.  There is a steel substructure that is not compromised, so this is purely a cosmetic fix.  The steering shaft and hanger are in good shape and will simply be cleaned prior to paint.  All wiring will be replaced with new when the whole car is rewired. 

Lots of work has been done to the suspension and brake pieces recently.  53 years of grease and caked on dirt are not easy to clean off.   Wire brush, sand blaster, scraper, degreaser, and elbow grease have all been utilized to clean these parts to prepare for powder coat or paint.  Here are the some of the results.

Rear A Arm powdercoat

Rear springs

Rear brake backing plate

New suspension and brake parts

Steering box disassembled for cleaning and rebuild.

Steering box reassembled and adjusted to specifications.

Brake and clutch pedal assembly before disassembly.

Brake and clutch pedal assembly after cleaning, powder coat on pedals, and reassembly.

These are the spindles and suspension uprights.  They ride on a kingpin.  This is the left and right, one clean and one dirty just to show how much gunk was accumulated on them.  They are both clean and ready for paint now.  New bushings will be pressed in after painting and then they are ready for reassembly and installation on the front end. 

Right rear suspension installed on car.

Front suspension installed on car.

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