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Wiring was done according to diagrams found in the service manual.  We chose to use cloth wrapped wire that looks old, but possesses all of the modern characteristics that a safe wiring job needs.  All the switches were cleaned and the contacts checked for continuity and secure mounting. 

This is what the cloth covered wire looks like up close. Comes in many different colors and a variety of stripes can be done.

This is one of the taillights. You can see the sockets are dirty and the brass is oxidized.

This is how the sockets look after disassembling and cleaning them.

This is in the front of the car, which is the luggage compartment in this car. The black box is the fuse box and I've started running wires to their various components.

This is how I chose to secure the wires in bundles. It's called cable tying and it used to be done in switchboards, aircraft, and many other places. I think it looks much better than hundreds of zip ties, especially on an older car.

This shot is over halfway done. I had a couple more wires to run, but had tied up the majority of the bundles to the rear and the right side of the car.

A shot of the front luggage compartment with all the wires tied up in bundles, gas tank installed, and ready for testing.
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