Winding Road Classics, LLC
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Body Work
Suspension, Steering, and Brakes
Engine and Transmission
Final Assembly
The upholstery will be done by a local shop, but the rest of the interior has been attended to by Winding Road Classics.

This was one of the most visible changes in the car, because no reproductions were available. I carefully disassembled and cleaned the speedometer, repainted the black back ground piece, and had a local shop laser engrave a new acrylic lens.

An example of one of the myriad details in a full restoration is this defrost diverter valve. It was cleaned, stripped and painted. There were two of them and one of the metal diverters was broken. I was able to fabricate another one out of thin aluminum and rebuild the broken one.

The rearview mirror with faded and crusty paint.

After disassembly, the switch contacts were cleaned and a new mirror cut by a local glass shop. Then it was painted and reassembled.

Parking brake lever mounts between the seats. Like the rest of the car, it was crusty and needed attention.

After cleaning and painting, reassembly provides a working parking brake that looks good in the car.

This is the fuel enrichment (choke) and starter engagement lever assembly. As I took them out, I realized they were aluminum and decided to see if they would take a good polish.

A little elbow grease and rouge, and they were looking good. They are mounted between the seats in front of the parking brake handle.

The floor is a reproduction item formed rubber mats and tunnel cover. They were well formed and fit without issues and are secured with push in clips. You can see the parking brake handle and the fuel enrichment and start levers installed.

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