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1967 Lincoln
Looking at this car, you just sit and wonder at the people it must have seen.  It harkens back to the days of excess and lush living.  Every seat has an ashtray and a cigarette lighter.  Comfortable cruising was the norm for this car, whether you had the top up or down. 

This car came in with its engine running less than smooth, and the power windows were not working correctly.  A carburetor rebuild and new points cured the engine woes.

The power windows are special because it's a convertible and the rear windows seal under the edge of the top.  When you open a rear door, the window automatically lowers itself about four inches so there is no pressure on the glass.  When you close the door, it automatically raises back up.  All of this is before the days of microprocessers and circuit boards.  Each rear door has three small switches and three relays controlling this operation.  The owner bought a service manual for the car, which was a necessity, because it had the wiring diagrams in it, which are different from the sedan.  Two new relays and four new switches later, plus a good bit of patience, the windows now work as intended. 

Driving this car is a pleasure, the big powerful engine and smooth suspension make you want to hit the highway to Las Vegas and roll up to the casino with a couple of friends in the back.  And with the cigarette lighters on every door, they can all charge their phones on the way.
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