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This truck is a personal project and able shop truck.  I bought it from a man in Kansas who had bought it from a farmer after the truck originally started life as a county road crew truck.  As is often the story, buying a car on ebay is risky, and the rust was a lot worse in the floor and cab mounts than I was led to believe.  Mechanically, though, it was a running and moving truck.
After repairing the cab mounts and putting some floors back in, and a quick tune up, it became apparent that the brakes were needing some attention.  I replaced all the brake lines, wheel cylinders, shoes, springs, hub seals, hoses, and master cylinder.  The truck stops well even with the all original drum brakes.  

I recovered the seat with some fabric from the bargain bin at the local fabric store, redid the steering column with new rag joint, upper and lower bearing, turn signal switch and horn contacts. 

The engine is an inline 6 cylinder, 240 cubic inches.  Transmission is a 4 speed manual with a granny low.  I changed the rearend gears to a highway friendly 2.5:1 final drive gear ratio from a Lincoln. 

I now drive it every day, though it still needs to be spruced up a bit.  Future plans include installing a power brake booster, finishing up some more rust repair in the door sill and front fenders, and new weatherstripping and front and rear window seals.   I have a 300 cubic inch inline 6 that will drop in when the time is right, with an Offenhauser C series intake and four barrel carburetor.  I'll change it from points to electronic ignition at that point as well, a fairly easy upgrade for the old Ford inlines. 

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