Common Questions

  1. How much will this cost?

    Restoring any classic vehicle can quickly get out of hand cost wise.  Winding Road Classics tries to give good value by doing a quality restoration on all the vehicles coming through the door.  Blake can help with estimates, but it is simply impossible to give a quote that will stand through the process of taking a car apart, finding everything wrong with it, and restoring it to functional status and/or cosmetic appearance.  Certain jobs are easier to price out like installing an air conditioner or upgrading to front disc brakes, but  when it comes to rust repair, rewiring, or repairing trim and getting all the details right, you never know exactly how long it’s going to take.  

  2. Can I get part of the work done and then bring it back later for a different job?

    Yes, Blake can work with you if you like to do some of the work yourself, or if you simply need to save up between larger aspects of the restoration.  Some people do their own mechanical work and others can do their own interior.  We can help with small jobs or the whole process, including taking it the paint shop, interior specialist, getting new tires mounted, etc.  Our goal is to get you and your classic car back on the road.  

  3. How long is your waiting list?

    The waiting list for a full restoration can get up to six months long.  I try to keep a spot open for jobs that turn around more quickly, but even then it’s usually a few months before we can get your project into the shop and start working on it.  I don’t store cars outside, and Winding Road Classics carries insurance on customer’s vehicles while they are in the shop.  

  4. Can Blake come look at my car and give me his opinion on what to do?

    Definitely.  Just email details about your project, or call his cell number.  He will come to your house or wherever the project is and talk with you about what needs to be done and how to budget for the projects desired.  Usually it’s free if it’s reasonably close to the Conroe area.  If it’s too far you might have to pay for gas and a little time, but we do provide this service.   Usually we schedule our “field trips” for Saturdays, but can work with you to make it right for everyone.  

  5. Can I visit my project in the shop and check on progress?

    Yes.  Blake is there every day or can meet you at the shop on Saturday with an appointment and you can see how the process is coming, look at the progress.  We are open to the customer being a part of the process and don’t need to hide anything.  Ginny also posts pictures and comments on our facebook page which is easy to follow along with.  

  6. How do you do billing?  Do you take checks or credit cards?

    We create and invoice and bill monthly and will include parts and shipping at costs, and hours worked on your project that month.  We use a timeclock system where your vehicle has a card.  When Blake or one of the employees starts working, the clock starts.  When they finish or go to lunch, the clock stops.  This is tracked in the accounting software and used to figure the total hours.  We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. 

Feel free to contact Blake or Ginny and talk through any of these questions.  Blake usually answers his phone unless he’s in the noisy shop or under a car working.  He will call you back, usually the same day.  He will answer emails quickly as well, and can send pictures or questions about your project that way. 

Call or email.  Blake Young 936-524-1290 or blake@windingroadclassics.com  Shop phone: 936-494-1887